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My Upcyle work is included in Vasari21

My Upcyle work is included in Vasari21
"File Cycle" by Barbara Lubliner, welded metal, file cabinets, 90 x 90 x 30 inches

Vasari21 is an online publication for working artists, written by veteran art-world journalist Ann Landi. She gives an insider's perspective on the professional art world today.

The publication's mission is to create: "A community for working artists, a place to connect, find information, read about the new and the unknown, listen to podcasts, and learn about how the art world really works."

I am featured in part one of Landi's roundup of artists who engage in "The Fine Art of Recycling."


Art in Odd Places 2019: INVISIBLE

Art in Odd Places 2019: INVISIBLE
Ms. Muscle makes visible and audible the power and strength of older women.
I am thrilled to perform, "Roar with Ms. Muscle" in Art in Odd Places 2019: INVISIBLE
Roar with Ms. Muscle at the festival opening.
Friday, October 18, 5-8pm
West 14th Street between 7th + 8th Avenues  (South side)
look for me near 222 West 14th Street from 5:30-7pm
Catch Ms. Muscle in the Promenade of Visual Flâneurs/ Flâneuse.
Saturday and Sunday, October 19 + 20, 2-4pm
Ms. Muscle will roar along 14th Street from East to West, from Avenue C to 10th Avenue, mostly on the South side, but will cross to the North side to greet her fans at two spots.
near IHOP, 235 East 14th Street approximate ETA 2:15pm
near Good Stuff Diner, 109 West 14th Street approximate ETA 3:15pm
for real-time updates check @barbaralubbies on Instagram

Learn about all the Art in Odd Places 2019: INVISIBLE artists and projects in the press release.

"Roar with Ms. Muscle" is part of Art in Odd Places 2019: INVISIBLE
curated by LuLu LoLo. Curatorial Manager:Anne-Marie Walsh.
Curatorial Assistants: Katrina D. Jeffries, Savannah Pagán Fitzpatrick, and Furusho von Puttkammer. Promenade Coordinator: Valborg Fletre Linn. 

The 10th Anniversary Edition of A Book About Death: The Last Waltz

The 10th Anniversary Edition of A Book About Death: The Last Waltz
Front and back of Barbara Lubliner's postcard about her yearlong performance of "going gray" and the resulting video that is a musing about aging, authenticity, and mortality. 

"A Book About Death" (ABAD) is an ongoing international mail art project. Artists are offered the opportunity to explore the theme of death through postcard-sized works in multiples of 500; thus creating an unbound "book."

This "edition" curated by LuAnn Palazzo celebrates the 10 year anniversary of the original show in NYC and the birth of the ABAD project inspired by Ray Johnson, the father of mail art. Visitors to the exhibition have the opportunity to collect one of every card.

The opening will feature live and video performances including Barbara Lubliner's "No More Dy(e)ing" video. 

Update: As of September 20th the exhibition will be in the permanent collections of six institutions:
Musee De La Poste, Paris, France; Book Art Museum, Łódź, Poland; Museum of Modern Art, NYC, NY; Islip Art Museum, Islip, NY; Alternative Traditions in Contemporary Arts Archive of the University of Iowa; and Archives of American Art at the Smithsonian Istitution, Washington DC.

The 10th Anniversary Edition of A Book About Death:
The Last Waltz

September 14 - November 2, 2019

Opening Reception 
September 14
4 - 9pm

Islip Art Museum
50 Irish Lane
East Islip, NY 11730

Museum hours 
Tuesday through Friday 10am - 4pm.
Saturday 12pm - 4pm


Private Choice Public Fight by Barbara Lubliner

Six Women Artists: An Ongoing Lyric Approach
An online exhibition of six NY Artists Circle members 
Curated by Jonathan Goodman

The exhibition traces the lyrical impulse that emerged in abstract expressionism and how it continues through the work of the selected artists. Goodman says the artists bring forward abstract art in a way that both remains attached to and moves beyond this idiom and the work is often a mixture of abstraction and figuration.

Featured artists: Marianne Barcellona, Lois Bender, Maggie Hinders, Diana Hobson, Barbara Lubliner and Nancy Nikkal. 

Jonathan Goodman writes art critical essays for Brooklyn Rail and other art media.

Fluxfest 2019

Fluxfest 2019
"It was wonderful to be at the 10th annual Fluxfest with amazing Fluxus minded artists from around the world!" ~Barbara Lubliner

The 2019 Fluxfest was held in Toronto in June. Dozens of scores were performed including Yoko Ono's "Cut Piece" at two different venues by the event organizer Allan Revich. Renata Strada and Giovanni Strada, Italian artists know as the "StradaDadas" performed "Imagine Peace." C. Mehrl Bennett invited Bibiana Padilla Maltos and Barbara Lubliner to join her Re-interpretation of Alison Knowles original event score: Braid (1964). While there were nods to historic work, Welsh artists Daniel-Wyn Jones and Richard McReynolds performed all new scores written since 2018. 

The festival was rich with experimentation and the embrace of absurdity. Photo and video documentation can be found on the Fluxlist Facebook page.