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Hotel Dada and other Performance Art during the Pandemic

Hotel Dada and other Performance Art during the Pandemic
Since the Coronavirus shutdown I have participated in a number of online performances, inluding Hotel Dada Fluxfest 2020, which was intiated in Argentina and was the first Fluxfest to take place in a totally virtual environment.

Here are links to my performances:

HOTEL DADA Fluxfest Online 2020 
August 1-2, 2020
Learn Baby Sign Language

Day de Dada "HOW TO"
July 3, 2020
How to Send Mail Art through the Postal Service

Day de Dada does Zoom - part 2
June 16, 2020
Masked Facial Expression Reading Challenge

Day de Dada does Zoom
April 26, 2020
Introduction to Face Yoga

Prayers for the Pandemic - summer 2020

Prayers for the Pandemic - summer 2020
Good Will Wishers by Barbara Lubliner

This past summer I was pleased to participate in Drawing Room's ongoing global public art project, "Prayers for the Pandemic; Prayers for Progress; Prayers for the Planet." First, in response to the Coronavirus shutdown and then to other issues facing the entire world, from racial inequity to climate crisis, Drawing Rooms asked artists to create flags inspired by Tibetan prayer flags used to bless the surrounding area in which they are placed. 

My prayer flags are titled Good Will Wishers.

For the project, I hung two sets of Good Will Wishers on the Upper West Side of New York City, on either side of the intersection of 95th Street and West End Avenue, which is closed to car traffic now to give more space for pedestrians to spread out. 

My flags embody the idea of transformation as they are made of re-purposed castoffs. Making them and hanging them feels like a way to advance optimism that the current strife and crisis is an opportunity for creativity and new thought for our world.    

Good Will Wshers are made of upcycled plastic slide sleeve pages, various paper scraps, and paint chips. There is a permanent installation of large ones (32 x 17 inches each flag) at The Fortune Society, an organization that helps those formerly incarcerated adjust to life outside the prison system.

Exhibitions Director Ann Trauben is curating submissions into online and print books. She plans to have an exhibit of selected works when the Drawing Rooms gallery reopens. Sumissions are still being accepted. 


USPS Art Project at Pelham Art Center

USPS Art Project at Pelham Art Center
USPS collaboration between Barbara Lubliner and Priscilla Stadler.

The Pelham Art Center with over 300 artworks, is hosting the first live exhibit of the USPS Art Project from August 1 through August 31, 2020. 

The USPS Art Project is an artist collaboration project created by Brooklyn artist Christina Massey. The project promotes connection between artists while socially distancing and helps the financially struggling USPS. To collaborate on artworks, each artist partner starts an artwork and then mails it to the other to finish. The inventive collaborations can be seen on online on Instagram and Facebook.

Two articles about the project feature the image of an artwork created by Priscilla Stadler and me.

ArtNet News
A Quarantine Mail-Art Initiative Challenged Artists to Collaborate Through the USPS. Hundreds Answered the Call

Going Postal

Information about future live venues can be found on Christina Massey's USPS Art Project news page.

Artists on Coping: Barbara Lubliner

Artists on Coping: Barbara Lubliner
Two Zips, 2019, paper relief with staples, zipper, 12 x 16 inches. Photograph by Paul Takeuchi

Artist, curator, and writer Etty Yaniv created Art Spiel blog as a platform for highlighting the work of contemporary artists. During the Coronavirus pandemic, the Art Spiel team is reaching out to artists to learn how they are coping. I am pleased to be included in this wonderful interview series.

Read my interview on Art Spiel.

The Corona Sidestep: A Virtual Exhibition

The Corona Sidestep: A Virtual Exhibition
Summer Breeze 2019, mixed media, 10 x 10 inches
by Barbara Lubliner

"The Corona Sidestep: A Virtual Exhibition," is Joanne Mattera's round up of some of the art that got closed out of scheduled exhibitions, either by shuttering, postponement, or cancellation due to the coronavirus shutdown.

"Women Celebrate Women," a group show that includes two of my mixed media paintings is one of the postponed shows.

The blog post features around 100 images with captions detailing where the artwork is not being seen in person. You can see a lot of beautiful work in this grand virtual exhibit.