Performances celebrating strong women, feminist pioneers, and the power of nurturing. Breast muscles are based on "Muscle" sculpture, in the "Paper & Stone" section.

Ms. Muscle posing in the double biceps position in 2019
"Roar with Ms. Muscle"
2 minute video compilation of performance

Ms. Muscle makes the power and strength of older women visible and audible. She invites bystanders along 14th Street to get in touch with their inner power and roar with her.

"Roar with Ms. Muscle" is part of Art in Odd Places 2019: INVISIBLE in Manhattan, NY curated by LuLu LoLo.

video by Sina Basila Hickey

Fluxus? Panel with Performances

Ms. Muscle led exercises to increase strength and fluxability. Then participated in a panel moderated by Dr. Jim Jeffers with panelists Marisa Tornello and Jonathan Leiter. The event was in conjunction with "Dada in the House," an exhibit at the Newhouse Centre for Contemporary Art, SI, NY.

"Camp Fluxus Boot Camp with Ms. Muscle"

Ms. Muscle led exercises to build strength and increase fluxability.

Performed at "Fuxus Fest #4" presented by Fifth Wall Performing Arts in Brooklyn, NY.

"You're the breast Linda Mary Montano"

Ms. Muscle led the chant, "You're the breast! You're the breast!" for Linda Mary Montano’s 80th Birthdayarama Zoom event.

All 21 hours of the Zoom video are online. 

Ms. Muscle's 3-minute performance is from 3:35.11 -  3.38.38

Ms Muscle Roaring. She invites you to roar with her (I am Woman Hear Me Roar)
Performing at EVEnt, an exhibition curated by Karmela Berg in which ten artists express diverse points of view about being women in the 21st century at Sideshow Gallery, NYC.
photo by Nina Meledandri
Ms Muscle welcomes and thanks visitors at the Après Avant Garde Festival

Dada de Dada celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Avant Garde Festival produced by performance artist Charlotte Moorman and held on the Staten Island Ferry in 1967.

Ms Muscle at "Glow," Staten Island Museum, NYC

Posing with the fluorescent mineral collection.

Muscle performance at "A Place At The Table" event, Brooklyn Museum, NYC

In exercise gear, chanting, "It's power, its power, its power for the flower! Work it! Work it! Work it! We can do it!"

Muscle with the Dada Army Marching Band at the Art Parade, NYC