Time Frames Marking Time
2014, Westbeth Gallery, NYC

Exhibition features the work of artists who engage time as a palpable presence, co-curated with Elisa Decker, exhibiting artists: Mara Alper, Fran Beallor, Stefan Beltzig, Elisa Decker, Gwen Fabricant, Liza Folman, Tony Foster, Ellen Grossman, Valerie Huhn, Suzanne Kelser, Gwyneth Leech, Barbara Lubliner, John Mendelsohn, Elaine Norman, Jeffrey Allen Price, Ronnie Seiden-Moss, Drew Shiflett, Linda Stillman, and Tamara Wyndham

Dog, Dog, Cat!
2013, Art at First, NYC

Exhibit celebrates the bond humans share with all living creatures by focusing on the special connection with the two most popular animal companions, co-curated with Barbara Sherman, exhibiting artists: Emil Alzamora, Fran Beallor, Fred Gutzeit, Sarah Hauser, Barbara Lubliner, Chris Kateff, Diana Kurz, and Barbara Sherman

2010, Ernest Rubestein Gallery, NYC

Artwork created out of plastic post-consumer waste, exhibiting artists: Olivia Kaufman-Rovira, Bernard Klevickas, Barbara Lubliner, Shari Mendelson, Janet Nolan, Ilene Sunshine, and Tyrome Tripoli

Art & Alchemy
2008, NEXT Gallery, Metropolitan College of NY

An exhibit featuring four artists who use found materials, exhibiting artists: Carol Goebel, Linda Stillman, Elyse Taylor, and Dan Walker

Break the Mold: Honoring Walt Zucker
2006, Ernest Rubestein Gallery, NYC

An exhibit to honor master mold maker, educator, and artist Walt Zucker, exhibiting artists: Tom Otterness, Kiki Smith, Mary Ting, Roy Kortick, Ailene Fields, Barbara Lubliner, Meryl Meisler, Kate Moon, Sidney Simon, Trudell, Eileen Weitzman, and Walt Zucker